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1,79 NOK per guest

No set-up fee

No notice period

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14 days trial, no obligations

40 NOK per employee (per month)

Employee list

Online stamping clock

Duty plan

Hourly budgeting etc.

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Some of what is included

Table reservation

  • No restriction on concurrent users

  • Email confirmation and reminders

  • SMS confirmation and reminders

  • Advanced table division (several areas in the restaurant)

  • Table reservations 24/7 on website, facebook page, mobile page

  • Easy Walk-In registration

  • Full online overview of all reservations

  • Assembly of tables

  • Variable seating times, several seating times in the same area

  • Managing multiple restaurants (chain solution)

Employee administration

  • Employee list - who has / is / will be at work - requirements cf.

  •  Stamping clock - your employees stamp in / out online themselves

  •  Duty plan

  •  Evacuation list

  •  Extras, day, evening, weekend, red days - easy setup

  •  Time sheets for entry into the payroll system

  •  Hourly and salary budgeting

  •  Overview of income and expenses, in fact against budgeted

  •  SMS notification to employees when updating the roster, vacancies

  •  Free support