Expand your business and increase your revenue with online catering orders.


Make up for reduced sales due to Covid-19. Offering catering can help offset the revenue lost from closed or half-empty premises. In addition, you can simultaneously reach new customers, many guests prefer to eat at home in the comfort of their own living room. Our catering system is easy to use and gives you a good overview.


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In these times, one must take action! Catering can be one of them. GastroPlanner Catering is a flexible system, where you can organize pick-up and delivery without paying the entire profit to others! It only takes a few hours to upload your products and make some settings, and you are ready to go live.

Less contact is safer

In this difficult time with COVID-19, online ordering is a safer way for both customers and employees. With online ordering, your employees and customers do not need to have physical contact.

You can sell items, gift cards and tickets

In a simple and user-friendly interface, you can sell both goods and digital products such as gift cards and tickets. User interface made for mobile phones and PC is very intuitive both for who will set up the online store and for your customers.

Tell your customers about the online store

You probably have loyal customers as followers on Facebook and/or a customer database. It turns out that many customers want to support their favorite places. Catering is a good solution, your customers get the food they love so much, and you maintain contact and brand with your customers.

Do you want to offer delivery?

If you want to offer delivery, there are many good settings for it. You decide for yourself which postcodes you deliver to and what the cost of this should be. You can also decide what delivery times you will be offering.