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Important Modules


Booking system

Table reservation available 24/7. Easy and user-friendly online booking system, both for guests and employees.

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HR and Hour Registration

Save time and money with personnel management, planning, time registration and communication all in one system.

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QR-Meny og Takeaway

Reduce waiting times and make it easy for guests to order and pay directly from the table with a QR code

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Internal control

Streamlines and simplifies internal control in your business. Monitor, measure and manage with greater visibility.

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Expand your business and increase your revenue with online takeaway and catering orders.

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Used by 800+ restaurants

Many Benefits


Table reservations 24/7

Add GastroPlanner┬┤s online booking to your website and social media. With options for both delivery and takeaway, GastroPlanner gives you full control over your online orders. Online booking must be intuitive and engaging for as many people as possible to use it. We have customers who receive over 60% of their table reservations via online booking.

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Use online
Stamping clock

Get control of laws and regulations and reduce administration time. There are strict requirements from the authorities and you must, among other things, be able to present a personnel list, duty roster and evacuation lists.

 With GastroPlanner's online stamping clock, you have a full overview of when your employees start and end the working day, and can easily show documentation to the Tax Administration at a check.

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Plan and have full control

GastroPlanner gives you the opportunity for good planning. With good routines, you can more easily have full control and the margins on your side. Work smart and free up time and increase your income.

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Build good relationships
To your guests

Your table reservations is the basis for being able to connect your guests more closely to your restaurant. GastroPlanner gives you good opportunities to build on the good relationship with your guests.

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