Stamping clock

Get control of your use of time - it does not have to give you extra work

Stamping clock

Let employees stamp in and out online. GastroPlanner automatically compares actual working hours with the roster. You get full control over who is at work, when they arrived and when they left. You can receive an SMS if the person who is going to open your restaurant does not sign in - the possibilities are many.

Some great benefits

Save a lot of time

Avoid erroneous payments

Get the the full overview of you salary costs immediately

Get notification of deviations


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With an online time stamp, you only pay for the hours your employees are at work

Have full overview with
Online stamping clock!

With GastroPlanner you get a full overview of when your employees have been at work. Employees can stamp on a computer, mobile phone or tablet when they get to work.

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Who´s at work?
Get notified when an employee does not stamp

With an online stamping clock, you get many opportunities to receive notifications when events deviate from the set schedule. For example, you can receive an SMS when the person who is going to open does not sign in. The setting options are many and give you full control over what is the status when you are not present.

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Labor cost and
Salary costs

Get the most important information immediately. The time clock gives you an accurate overview of the number of working hours and GastroPlanner calculates the total cost with pay. If the last shift enters today's turnover, you will receive the salary cost overview immediately.

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Online stamping clock
Saves you a lot of work

You can make settings that automatically approve the shifts that meet your requirements. Employees can comment on their shifts, you avoid many questions when approving shifts. You send personal or joint messages, which employees must read before they can stamp in.

 The possibilities are many and save you a lot of time, and you avoid many wrong payments.

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Lists and reports digital or in print

See the reservations with a note from the guest, internal note and remarks (allergy, vegetarian, vegan, etc.). You choose whether you want paper printing or whether you want to look directly at a tablet, PC/Mac or smartphone. You can make lists for tables and table distribution per waiter, sorted exactly as you wish. The report generator allows you to retrieve historical data that can provide you with valuable information. The possibilities are many and easy with GastroPlanner.