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Employee list is a requirement - it does not have to give you extra work


The law requires that all restaurants keep an employee list. GastroPlanner is adapted to the requirements of the law, so you are confident that all rules have been followed. The purpose of the employee list is to counteract undeclared work. The tax authorities may impose a violation fee if the list has not been kept in accordance with the regulations. When checking the personnel list, several agencies usually come together. Then it is good to have a system where you can quickly present the documentation they require.


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There are special requirements for electronic
Maintenance of employee list

It is important that you have a employee list that covers the requirements that the tax authorities have set for keeping an electronic employee list. GastroPlanner covers all the requirements for electronic lists, cf. the Tax Administration's notification SKD 8/13.

Since there is no approval of employee list keeping programs - GastroPlanner gives you the reassurance that you comply with the requirements for keeping an electronic list.

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When a control, several

agencies come together

Then it is good to have a system where you can quickly present the documentation required by the various agencies. Did you know that if the employee can not present valid documentation of ID, then it is you who gets the fine! In GastroPlanner you can upload a copy of a valid ID to all employees. Some of the documents you can submit with GastroPlanner: Employee list - Time list - Shift list - Employment contract - ID - etc.

The employee lists must be kept for 42 months

GastroPlanner takes care of your documentation on several servers with geographical spread. We have two servers in Oslo and two servers in Bergen that always have a copy of your data. This is your assurance that your data is not lost and is always available.