Pre Order

With GastroPlanner's Pre Order function, you can plan better ahead to reduce costs, ensure shorter cleaning time and get a higher guest satisfaction.

Pre Order

The more pre-ordered meals your restaurant has, the more control you have. Your costs are minimized and the food can be prepared and delivered more efficiently. This not only reduces food costs and generates revenue, but also has a positive impact on the environment and not least customer satisfaction.


Streamlines the logistics

Reduces the costs

Increases the guest loyalty


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Gastroplanner's Pre Order function helps you and your guests save both time and money.

Streamline the logistics

Logistics play a key role in any business, but especially in the catering industry as foods have a short lifespan. Getting orders in well in advanced helps your restaurant plan orders and quantity of ingredients better. You know exactly what to order and what to prepare. This helps increase efficiency and minimizes errors in serving your guests.

Reduce the costs

The cost of food and drink is the second largest expense in the restaurant industry, right after staff costs. By knowing in advance what your guests have ordered, you can better plan the purchase of food and drink. You know exactly what to prepare and how much to prepare.

Increase guest loyalty

Pre-ordering can also help improve the service to your guests as well as make it more personal. This is because your employees know who ordered what, the guest's name and when they last visited. This will make your guests feel special. Our Pre Order function also gives you an opportunity to get closer to your guests. You can activate loyalty programs, membership services or personal discounts.