Online Booking

Receive table reservations 24/7 - it does not have to give you extra work


Give your guests the opportunity to book a table or ticket 24/7. You can get the guest to pre-order menus and other products through online booking.

You save a lot of time and get more orders by using online booking on your website and Facebook page.

Some online features

Table reservation

Ticket sales

Present menu, forced or optional in the ordering process

Customised to your mobile and tablet


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available 24/7

Easy and user-friendly for guests and employees

60% of table reservations are made online!

Our customers have an average of 60% of their table reservations via online booking. 35% of these orders are made on a smartphone or tablet. GastroPlanner is platform independent and 100% web-based.

Key data in real time

Get the most important information immediately. How many guests and table reservations did you have yesterday, today, and have the next seven days. This is information that you can easily get an overview of in GastroPlanner. An intuitive report generator allows you to retrieve reports and statistics on all historical data.

Your customer database is worth its weight in gold

Some table reservations you receive by phone others via your own website, social media or external websites. In GastroPlanner all your table reservations for your restaurant are stored. You can easily contact guests who have been with you, by using e-mail and SMS when you want to market your activities.

If you have a customer list, we can import it for you!

17% of all table reservations are made outside opening hours

GastroPlanner users have on average 17% of their orders outside opening hours. Receive as many table reservations online as you want. You specify the number of guests you can receive for each time interval, you specify the sitting time that can vary when on the day your guest arrives. GastroPlanner shows guests exactly when they can make a reservation, so you are never overbooked and you get maximum use of your tables.

Reminders, alerts and automated routines

You get many options for notification settings and automated routines. You can receive an e-mail notification when you receive a table order, automatically send a separate menu to the table orders that pass the number of guests you place, automatically printed and emailed by table list, kitchen list at a specific time. The possibilities are many and you decide how these settings should be.

Confirmation and reminder by SMS or email

In GastroPlanner you can automate confirmations of table reservations and reminders. You can automatically send out various confirmations and attachments such as menus or offers.

Lists and reports digital or print

See the reservations with a note from the guest, internal note and remarks (allergy, vegetarian, vegan, etc.). You choose whether you want paper printing or whether you want to look directly at a tablet, PC/Mac or smartphone. You can make lists for tables and table distribution per waiter, sorted exactly as you wish. The report generator allows you to retrieve historical data that can provide you with valuable information. The possibilities are many and easy with GastroPlanner.