QR-Menu and Take-away

Streamline and increase sales by selling more to your guests


Mobile ordering and payment with QR code allows your guests to order from a digital menu and receive food while sitting at the table or as takeaway. A fantastic supplement that makes it easier for both guests and your employees.

Advantages of ordering with QR-Menu

Simple and user-friendly interface

Reduces waiting time for guests

Good solutions for additional sales

Good customer data

Tips are transferred directly to hour registration

No app download


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QR-Menu is simple and cost effective

Order for table or takeaway

The benefits are many with our QR-Menu solution. You dont need any physical menus, the guest reads the menu on their own mobile phone. You can choose which menu the guest has access to and you can easily change and update the menu. There is no need to create a customer account or pre-register cards to shop with you. The guest also does not need to download the app, they just scan the QR code and they have the menu on their mobile phone.


your costs

Contactless QR-Menu Orders help you reduce the repetitive cost of printing menus. Paper menus can also be a source for spreading infection from one to many. By using a self-ordering system, you can increase the number of orders with a reduced number of staff. So it means you will be saving on your employee costs.

The advantages
are many

All data is seamlessly integrated with your checkout system and GastroPlanner

Increase safety with minimal contact

Save environment and costs as there is no need for printed menus

Increased efficiency as the booking and payment is made by the guest, without the staff

Simple and recognizable interface on the solution that makes it easy for the guest to use

Link the guest more closely to your business with loyalty campaigns


Order to table
or take-away

With QR-Menu, you can have as many menus as you want. The menus can have their own QR codes or a common QR code that presents all your menus. The menus can contain different products, prices, date, time, pick-up times and opening hours.

 When the guest orders a table, there is a menu that is active during your opening hours. When the guest orders takeaway, a separate menu is used. The takeaway menu has pick up time/day according to your opening hours. The guest can then order pick-up one or many days in advance. If you offer delivery, there is also a simple setup for this.